banbridge 2-2 bangor

1 jumping for joy_filtered.jpg
2 one up from a super strike_filtered.jpg
3 g-man jnr checks out his tech_filtered.jpg
4 bru stands firm_filtered.jpg
5 ben brown_filtered.jpg
6 man on_filtered.jpg
7 brian hylands clears the ball_filtered.jpg
8 midfield battle_filtered.jpg
9 barry blomer gets the 2nd_filtered.jpg
11 rory hamill recieves some close attention_filtered.jpg
12 some techers are good_filtered.jpg
13 barry bloomer threatens the banbridge goal_filtered.jpg
14 heeeeyyyyyaaaahhh_filtered.jpg
16 where you going_filtered.jpg
17 deano slides in_filtered.jpg
18 mckibbin halts a corner_filtered.jpg
19 chhhheeeesssssee on tour_filtered.jpg
20 andy rises highest_filtered.jpg
21 skatesy tackles up_filtered.jpg
23 caretaker manager sam mckee makes it two without defeat while new manager in waiting frankie wilson watches on_filtered.jpg
24 barry bloomer wins a header_filtered.jpg
25 rory drives forward_filtered.jpg
26 bowers has a strike_filtered.jpg
27 barry goes airborne_filtered.jpg
28 skates_filtered.jpg
30 barry lobs a defender_filtered.jpg
31 handbags out_filtered.jpg

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