limavady 1-0 bangor

1 limavdy head away.JPG
2 bangor stop an attack.JPG
3 andy holds off a defender.JPG
4 frankie gets animated.JPG
5 some youthful faces move up to the first team.JPG
6 andy morrow.JPG
7 giggsy goes in hard.JPG
8 frankie's first day proper and he's taking notes.JPG
9 giigsy slides in again.JPG
10 skatesy heads away.JPG
11 limavady defend a corner.JPG
12 andy on the attack.JPG
13 gareth skates kicks the ball flamboyiantly.JPG
14 chisholm lays on a pass.JPG
15 gary chisholm.JPG
16 stirling rises highest.JPG
17 skatesy heads away.JPG
18 ducky puts in a tackle.JPG
19 dom sticks close.JPG
20 flick on at the near post by chisholm.JPG
21 and it's in the net.JPG
22 yeeehaww.JPG
23 celebrate good times.JPG
24 stirling gets down the flank.JPG
25 giggsy on the ball.JPG
26 andy tackles up.JPG
27 andy long off side.JPG
28 r mo auditions for er.JPG
29 chisholm tracks back.JPG
30 giggsy resolute in the defence.JPG
31 deano clears the danger.JPG
32 keeping limavady at bay.JPG
33 more danger cut out.JPG
34 ben brown.JPG

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